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Stranger Gifts Barbershop To Man Behind 'Haircuts for Homeless'

Brennon Jones is a barber, and he gives free haircuts to homeless people in Philadelphia. Jones calls it 'Haircuts4Homeless. This winter, he is closing his barbershop due to not having enough space to service to those in need.

There are people helping others everywhere, but it's great to see the helpers get help. One person stepped up to support Jones after his story went viral last year. His name is Sean Johnson. He donated a new barbershop to Brennon Jones after seeing how dedicated he was to help others who lost hope.

Sean Johnson wasn't looking for praise or attention when he did this. He wanted Jones to keep doing excellent work.  for the community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sean Johnson wasn't looking for praise when he did this. He wanted Jones to keep doing excellent work for the community in Philadelphia.

Matthew, age 53, is a homeless man who gets free haircuts from Brennon Jones. Matthew became homeless when his wife and young daughter died in a house fire. The tragic accident happened at the fault of Matthew's neighbors. He's been homeless ever since.

Sean Johnson has lived a difficult life of struggle and hardship.  That didn't stop him from building a successful business and changing his life. What's more interesting is that Johnson learned how to cut hair in prison.

The new shop is currently open, and homeless people can get haircuts on select days. With the help of Sean, Brennon Jones will be able to help serve others throughout the winter. He won't have to close his barbershop for the winter. Brennon credits his success to God and says he will continue to rely on his faith.

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